Information on the EQA test Genetic Counseling


The aim of the quality assessment (QA) scheme is to evaluate the quality of the human genetic report after genetic counselling and thus to contribute to quality assurance and improvement of communication quality within the genetic counselling process.

Performance interval

Once per year.


On the basis of two given, concrete constellations in genetic counselling (personal medical history and family history), a corresponding human genetic report (“Humangenetische Stellungnahme”) is to be drawn up for each case.
At the beginning of the QA “Genetic counselling”, information on the start of registration and all relevant data (such as application deadline, processing deadlines and certificate dispatch) will be given on the QA platform of the website
Tools and aids, as the manuscript on the human genetic report available in the member area of the website, the S2k guideline "Humangenetische Diagnostik und genetische Beratung" and additional information (e.g. checklist and criteria catalogue) will be provided on the BVDH platform for all participants.


The reports on the above-mentioned genetic counselling constellations are submitted via The evaluation is essentially based on the above-mentioned criteria catalogue.


See catalogue of criteria for the drafting of the human genetic report.


A certificate will be issued indicating whether the participation was successful. It is planned to indicate the points achieved including the percentage as well as any additional comments. The certificate will be valid for two years.

EQA test supervisor

Dr. med. Dieter Schäfer
Senckenberg Zentrum für Humangenetik
Weismüllerstraße 50
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Moritz Meins
amedes genetics MVZ
Georgstraße 50
30159 Hannover

If you would like to contact the EQA test supervisor(s), please call or e-mail the Coordination Office QA of BVDH:
Phone: +49 2403 83 80 54

Status as of: July/2019