Information on the Ring Trial Array Diagnostics


Aim of this interlaboratory testing is the evaluation of the technical performance of array diagnostics as well as the data analysis, the reporting and the interpretation of the results in order to improve the daily laboratory routine.

Performance interval

Once per year.


Either two DNA samples along with the clinical information of fictional patients are sent to the laboratories or one DNA sample plus the array data of a case with specific questioning is supplied. At the beginning of the ring trial, all relevant data concerning deadlines for application and participation, dispatch of samples and certificates will be provided on


The array diagnostics should be performed according to the laboratory's own standard operation procedures. The diagnostic report which comprises the result of the array analysis as well as the interpretation regarding the specific indication should be submitted to


Qualitative and quantitative accuracy of the array results considering specific array thresholds and the correct interpretation regarding the indication.


A certificate will be provided which states whether the criteria were met and participation was successful. The certificate is valid for two years.

Ring trial management

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