General Terms of Use for Participation in BVDH's Ring Trials

As of: 09/11/2011

BVDH is the operator of the web site for ring trials ( ). The general terms of use govern the business relations between the ring trial's registered users and the website's operator.

The German version of the general terms and conditions shall be legally binding.

In order to participate in a particular ring trial, users need to provide full contact details of the participating laboratory. By registering, the user accepts the general terms and conditions, the terms of use and the respective ring trial fees.

Login details (including password) for a particular ring trial will be specified by the user during registration. We recommend you to keep the password safe.

BVDH ring trials are intended to facilitate the development of quality standards according to the S2 guidelines of the Berufsverband Deutscher Humangenetiker e.V. (Professional organisation of German human geneticists) and the guideline RiliBÄK Part B5 of the Bundesärztekammer (Federal medical association) for participating laboratories.

The ring trials are open to laboratories that routinely conduct human genetic diagnostic tests.

Data privacy statement

Collection and processing of personal data is in full accordance with data protection legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany. Please note the following information regarding type, scope and purpose of personal data collection.

User data

Insofar as a contractual relationship is to be established between you and us, or provisions of such an agreement are to be specified or changed, we will collect and use your personal data to the extent that this is required to fulfil these purposes.

Usage data

We collect and use your personal data to the extent necessary for the use of our internet service or for accounting purposes (usage data). This includes in particular means of personal identification, as well as information regarding the duration and the extent to which you use our services.

Right to be informed

Users of our website are entitled to be informed of the data stored in relation to them personally or their alias. Upon request, this information can be provided electronically.