On-going and scheduled BVDH EQA tests


2020 EQA test "Lab-focused QA" completed


The three EQA tests are completed. You are welcome to download the final report (identical for the three tests) and the results tables showing the individual evaluation results. Participants will find their own result via the individual "Case ID" which is available via "EQA tests - completed" in the respective line of the EQA test. The deadline for objections is 9 November 2020.

2019 EQA test Tumour cytogenetics completed


Participants are welcome to download the final report as well as their individual assessment via "EQA tests - completed". Objections against the assessment must be filed in until 5 October 2020.

2020 EQA test "Tumour cytogenetics: apply now


As of now, you are welcome to apply for the 2020 EQA test "Tumour cytogenetics". The samples will be shipped on 6 October. Please check your user data, esp. your delivery address. Delivery to P.O. boxes is not possible.

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