On-going and scheduled BVDH ring trials


RT NGS 2019 completed


The 2019 RT Next-Generation Sequencing has been completed. Participants are welcome to download the final report by the RT supervisors as well as their individual evaluation. Objections against the evaluation must be filed in until 14 Jan 2020.

New prices for Ring Trials in 2020


The BVDH general meeting held in Cologne on 23 Nov 2019 has agreed on a new price list. This list is available via the button "Price List".

Neue Preise ab 01.12.2019


Auf der Mitgliederversammlung am 23.11.2019 in Köln wurde eine neue Preisliste verabschiedet. Sie können die Liste unter dem Button "Preise" einsehen.

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