On-going and scheduled BVDH ring trials


QA workshop on 22 and 23 Nov 2019 in Cologne


The Coordination Office QA will be closed on 22 and 23 Nov 2019. Instead, you will find us in Cologne, Apostelnkloster 13-15, where our QA workshop will take place.

RT Structural analysis 2018 completed


The RT Structural analysis 2018 has been completed. Participants are welcome to download their individual evaluation as well as the final report by the RT supervisors. The deadline for objections against the evaluation results is 22 Nov 2019.

Application for RT Molecular Cytogenetics 2019


Until 13 Oct 2019 you are welcome to apply for the 2019 Molecular Cytogenetics RT. This year, participants will receive a sample by mail, therefore please keep your address data up to date!

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