On-going and scheduled BVDH EQA tests


2019 EQA test Tumour cytogenetics completed


Participants are welcome to download the final report as well as their individual assessment via "EQA tests - completed". Objections against the assessment must be filed in until 5 October 2020.

2020 EQA test "Tumour cytogenetics: apply now


As of now, you are welcome to apply for the 2020 EQA test "Tumour cytogenetics". The samples will be shipped on 6 October. Please check your user data, esp. your delivery address. Delivery to P.O. boxes is not possible.

2020 EQA test "Next-generation sequencing" has started


As of now you are welcome to register and participate in our 2020 EQA test "Next-generation sequencing. Deadline for participation: 25 August 2020.

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